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Bulldogs Parents

My bulldog Moms are my 5th & 6th generation I've raised here at BJ's Farm. The dads have been purchased from reputable breeders from across the globe. Enjoy the pictures and info and see if a Bulldog puppy is the right choice for you. English Bulldogs make wonderful pets! They are very laid back and don't need much exercise or grooming. They do need their wrinkles kept clean. Most English bulldogs are gentle and loving and get along with other animals. They LOVE children, sometimes when they are young they get pretty excited and need to be watched that they don't knock small children over. Bulldogs tend to be stubborn and they need a firm hand when training. They also have more health issues then most breeds. Please do research before purchasing your pup.

Where it all started

My first bulldog "Dixie" we purchased from a nearby farm. She is the reason we fell in love with the bulldog breed. She was mischievous and funny. Then about 1 1/2 year later we had the opportunity to purchase a male Bulldog from CJ Feed, and so we bought "Max" He was so easy going, got along with everybody and sweet as pie too! We still have his bloodline in our kennel with Ellie and Butter cup, his daughters. Then we bought "Patches" she was very pregnant from Max when she came and we were thrilled with her litter of 7 puppies. She was a good looking bulldog as well as sweet natured and lovable. So it all began...... :)

Bulldogs that we owned and loved for just awhile.......

Bulldogs that we owned and loved for just awhile.... some passed on to rainbow bridge and the rest got good homes. Gone but not forgotten!!