Our Boxer Puppies

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Boxer Parents

My Boxer moms are my same bloodline since 2004. The dads I have purchased from reputable breeders. Boxers are great family dogs, they need very little grooming and are usually very easy to train. They need exercise every day, and just LOVE to be off leash and just run like the wind!! The boxer can be aggressive toward strange dogs, but is generally good with other household dogs and pets. Boxers don't take hot or cold weather very well, A home with a fenced in yard is best.

Where it all started

Peanut Butter was our first boxer, we purchased her from a nearby farm in 04 and she quickly made us fall in love with the boxer breed. She was calm natured and great with children and other dogs. We purchased Mack from a friend and he too was a love. He didn't mind when puppies or children climbed on him. He passed away at a ripe old age in 2009 Cocoa is out of Mack and Peanut Butter's '06 litter. Sweetie Pie is out of Peanut Butter and Rambo's '09  litter. and that is where we got started.....