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We have tons of tips for training your new English Bulldog or Boxer!


Raw Food

Our puppies start their lives off eating raw food that we make right here!


Pet Care Tips

Bulldogs require a little more hygienic care than most breeds. Be sure to do your research!


Veterinary Help

We are happy to refer you if you have any questions about which Vet to choose.

About Us

In 2004 we moved from a farmette in Reinholds to our current home on just over an acre and a half, we sold our livestock and bought our 1st dog Chance a yellow lab. I have always LOVED animals… trained my own yearling horse at age 18 and raised goats, llamas and my favorite… miniature donkeys!

My husband bought me a bulldog in 2005… her name was Dixie. I never thought bulldogs were cute or that great but since my husband is a Mack Truck fan and Bulldogs are their mascot he wanted a bulldog…. well….. I fell in LOVE!!! Bulldogs have their own distinct personality! They will make you laugh when all you want to do is cry…. they will chill with you all day if they had the chance! There is no breed like a Bulldog! Dixie & Max’s bloodline is still in everyone of my bulldog’s lineage!

A friend had a gorgeous female Boxer and the more I got to know her the more I liked Boxers! I got my 1st Boxer female named Peanut butter in 2005. She fit my active lifestyle to a T. She had an amazing personality and everyone who met her loved her! Peanut butter was the beginning of an amazing line of Boxers that I have been blessed to raise. I absolutely Love my life with my Family and my Dogs and am honored to have so many wonderful people come into my life because of my dogs and puppies, many have become good friends and I thank everyone for keeping in touch after they take their puppies home. It means the world to me. May You all be Blessed!